Guei Rong has been carrying out the business of raw materials 
import and production&sales of seasonings for years,

We have continuously developed various seasonings and sauce
products for customers.

Supply a variety of seasonings such as food processing factories,
Chain catering enterprises,fast food restaurants,
Franchise headqnarters,Domestic and overseas.

In our era that strives for efficiency,
Our products perfectly comebine the convenience,delicious,
and effective that not only help creating great dishes in easy ways
but also can maximize the effectiveness on culinary.

Business principles

Professional R&D
Constantly upgrade the development of complex seasonings
by innovative and advanced techniques.

Healthy & safety
Hygiene and safety standards for customers is our top priority,
and we insist on continually upgrading quality of our products

Integrity sharing
Our purpose is to bring our joy and inspiration for
our customers to enhance quality of good taste.

Good taste , good life
We are work in progress to take control of the taste of happinesss
by taking self-actualization as a loft goal and always have creative courage
to try new things in the right way.


We continue to work hard to achieve goal of contributing
the products to global customers by our professional team with
humanistic literacy manufacturing process and R&D.


Safety Quality
We are insist on keeping food safety and hygiene
Gueirong Foods Company has successfully passed an ISO 22000 and HACCP certification audit in 2022.
We are in steady of growth stage with high standards of production environment and strict management
to ensure product quality on stability and reliability.