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Intimate service of marketing-operation integration.

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Solving the product quality problems such as preservation, coloring adjunct, flavor enhancing, moisture retention, freezing resistance.


Researching and innovating all kind of seasonings, food additives and the product which soon out of stock by professional R&D Department.


Processing and manufacturing all kinds of food grade powder.

Dedicated service

Provide dedicated customer service and solve product related problems.

Customized service

You can provide your package design to us, and we will help creating an exclusive brand image and taste.

Cost-benefit analysis

Helping save your manpower, machine costs and reduce costs to create maximum profits.

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  1. The information you provide will be used to archive for internal evaluation only and will not share with any third parties.
  2. You can choose five free samples of all individual products, and the extra samples will cost for each 30TWD

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