Chicken bouillon powder Extracted from premium chicken, sweet taste and aromatic.
Chicken umami powder It can be used to enhance umami taste in the soup with fine ingredients,
sweet after taste and smooth.
Pork bone umami powder Extracted from premium pork bone and meat with sweet smell and taste.
Beef umami powder HIgh-quality stewed beef flavor with fine ingredients, amd sweet aromatic.
Bonito umami powder The tangy smell equally matched with fresh binito slices, convenient to use.
Shimp umami powder Extracted from fresh shrimp shells and flesh,
tangy smell of fresh shrimps that very suit for southeast asian cuisine.
Milk pot flavor powder Made with high-quality milk product, milky sweet aromatic that can be used in milk hot pot.
Korean kimchi seasoning It's perfect for Korean kimchi hot pot, the taste is combined with sour, spicy, and umami.
Thai spicy and sour powder Made with Thai local spices, sour and spicy taste goes well together.
Curry flavor powder Mixed with various kinds of spices, with tangy smell that usually used in the others cuisine.
shabu shabu bouillon powder Extracted from bonito and pork meat that mixed together, light-sweet smell and taste of shabu shabu soup.
Original umami powder It suits for any kinds of hot pot with light-sweet smell.
Taiwanese tempura powder Perfect of Taiwanese tempura soup base with it sweet smell and smooth taste.
Oyster vermicelli bouillon powder Special fragrant of crispy fried shallot and garlic, gives it flavor of the ancient taste.
Mushroom umami powder Tangy and sweet aromatic mushrooms.
Fresh Mushroom umami powder Made with hand-picked Japanese mushrooms that preserved pure and fresh amd sweet after taste.
Vegetable season
umami powder
Fine mixed vegetables with pleasant aroma and sweet taste. 
Tomato umami
Light and sweet smell of tomato with tender taste.
Sichuan mala spicy
umami powder
We used hand-picked authentic Sichuan spices with strong peppers aroma, spicy but not hot.
Chinese medicinal herbs
flavor seasoning powder
The ancient early taste made from multiple
Chinese medicinal herbs with rich and special flavor.
Northeast China sour
cabbage soup base  powder
Sweet and sour with light fresh smell and smooth.
Condensed soup
Japanese style condensed suace MIxed with bonito and sea tangle for soup base, and boiled with pork bone,
it tastes smooth and not greasy.
Korean spicy condensed suace Korean hot pot for soup base that taste sour and spicy, delicious-smelling, it can cook with limchi.
Tonkotsu broth condensed suace Extracted from sea tangle and boiled with pork protein,
perfect with scallion, ginger, and garlic will be super tasty.
Sichuan mala spicy
base material
Hand-picked Sichuan peppercorns and chili , numbing spicy with rich taste and aromatic.
it can be used in Mala hot pot base material.